Smoked goose breast with rolls of butter and croutons

Courgettes flowers au gratin with porcini mushroom and truffle

Radicchio’s flan with cheese cream

Porcini mushroom “in braide” with polenta (cornmeal porridge)

Smoked ham with salad and horseradish

Salmon fillet salad with steamed vegetables

Lardo (frish bacon) spiced with onion’s crouton

San Daniele ham with valerian salad and vinaigrette

Angus beef marinated with Parmesan and wild rocket

Malga’s ricotta (soft white italian cheese) with raw ham

San Daniele “Paradiso” ham

Peeled king prawns with brandy

First Dishes

Roulade broiled eggplant with praga (ham) and montasio (cheese)

Large tagliatelle with wild game sauce

Buds (filled pasta or ravioli) of sclopit with courgette – flowers and smoked ham

Potato dumplings with sage and ricotta (soft white Italian cheese) from Sardegna

Noodles with courgettes, saffron and prawns

Ravioli stuffed with Montasio (cheese) and wallnuts

Potato dumplings with wild-rocket cream

Noodles with S. Daniele (raw ham)

Dumplings with ricotta (soft white Italian cheese) and creamy & mild cheese

Ravioli stuffed with prawns and vegetables

Chicche della nonna ( little dumplings) with gorgonzola ( blue cheese) sauce

Blecs (type of noodle) at Refosco wine with wild game sauce

Courgette’s crepes au gratin

Panzerotti (filled pasta) with ricotta (soft white Italian cheese), spinach, basil, rocket

Home – made tagliatelle with goose breast and rocket

Risotto (rice) with radicchio (vegetable like lattuge), sclopit ( vegetable), porcini mushroom

Ravioli filled with pumpkin and ricotta (soft white Italian cheese) from Sardegna

Second Dishes

Maltagliata ( beef) with balsamic vinegar and wila rocket

Grilled Lamb chops

Tenderloin (beef fillet) with wild arugula cream

Tagliata(cutted beef fillet) cooked with Cabernet Franc (red wine)

Loin of pork wrapped in puff pastry with baked potatoes

Veal strips with curry or with porcini mushroom

Stewed calf cheek with polenta (cornmeal porridge)

Grilled breast – goose

Veal rump with grilled vegetables and baked potatoes

Tenderloin (beef fillet) wrapped with S. Daniele ham and potatoes “alla triestina”

Fillet of Angus cooked with grilled vegetables

Rabbit’s rollè with crèpes and spinach

Fillet of sea bream

Jugged deer with roasted polenta (cornmeal porridge)

Cooked and raw side dishes

Baked potatoes

Grilled vegetables

Lamon beend with onion